I offer a service around Ilminster where I support people using their computers. Whether it is problems with Microsoft Word, email issues, wireless connectivity or a troublesome printer, I like to show you ways to quickly get things done and this often includes keyboard shortcuts.

In a web browser like Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Safari or Firefox, you can scroll by using the spacebar. Except in websites like youtube, it will start and stop the video. Ctrl-T will open a new Tab, Ctrl-N a new window whilst Ctrl-W will close the foremost tab.

In Windows, there is a combination of the Windows key and the letter E will open the File Browser. Windows-M minimises all the open windows and shows the Desktop.

The Ctrl-P combo opens the print screen in many applications. However, on a Apple Mac, the Apple key replaces the key for the shortcut and you have Apple-X for Cut, Apple-C for Copy and Apple-V for Paste.

Ctrl/Apple-A will select all the text in a document, Ctrl/Apple-Z will undo the last thing you did and Ctrl/Apple-B will make the text Bold

Many of my clients take notes of these shortcuts in notebooks. I also offer private lessons to help you learn to use your computer more effectively. You can learn a lot in a couple of hours and as it is a one-on-one session, you can ask anything and I will try and help.

If you have a favourite shortcut and would like to tell me about it, email me on, or call/text me on 07970 807930, I would like to hear from you, I have a page of many more on