Email Support for Ilminster

February has been an busy month for me supporting people with their IT problems in Ilminster. The majority of these problems involved Email including Outlook and Thunderbird programmes, and also setting up peoples Email accounts on new computers.

One person had a problem as he had an old version of Outlook, which didnt keep the passwords saved for his email account. The solution here was to update the programme to the latest version of Outlook Mail which is available from Microsoft.

Another had issues as his Thunderbird Email Client had corrupted its profile, so the solution was to start a new version of Thunderbird and access the old emails through a separate mailbox programme.

Another lady came to me with a problem that all her contacts had disappeared from her BTInternet email account, she also wanted to access the same email account from her tablet, phone and computer. Unfortunately it was a rather old Ipad, so I setup the browser/website version of the BT Internet on the tablet and helped her search old emails to rebuild the email contacts. We managed to combine her emails from the BT Internet account with her GMAIL account and she learned how to manage it better.

I normally start with a backup before touching anything locally and will try and solve your issues quickly.