Author: andy

Email Support for Ilminster

February has been an busy month for me supporting people with their IT problems in Ilminster. The majority of these problems involved Email including Outlook and Thunderbird programmes, and also setting up peoples Email accounts on new computers. One person had a problem as he had an old version of Outlook, which didnt keep the […]

Spring time in Ilminster

Its March, and the gardens need for gardeners is back. The days are getting longer, the grass is starting to grow and the temperatures mean the plants and weeds are starting to flourish. This week I have helped a couple in Ilton with all the weeds in their paths. I also pruning an apple tree […]

Ilminster Computer Support

Yesterday i got my first local It Support client. He needed help fixing his wifi connection on a surface tablet. It was a rather old tablet, but I managed to reinstall the system and got it working. The second client had a problem with an android phone, no space to download anything, meant no space […]